Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Makosos visit on 4th of July in the Fingerlakes

It was great having you guys up here! Please come back again soon.


  1. Ughh you don't like his pictures you suck. lOl. I hope to come back soon. If I ever run away (I won't) ill run away to the finger lakes!

  2. We been blogged!! We're famous now!!!!!!

  3. those are some awesome pics. wish my camera worked like that!

  4. Todd,
    These are pics are great. You have a fine sensitivity in your photos.
    Joey (against my advice) went to a modeling agency and had pics taken for one of those catalogues that I believe no one gets to see. But he took his mom's advice and now he has to work to pay for the photos that are NOT Good.
    I wish you had taken his pics.
    Be sure to come and visit if you are down this way.
    Love, Aunt Louise